We are committed to quality, safety,professionalism in all the services we provide to our clients, and we make every effort to continuously improve our quality and performance. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner respecting the country laws, protecting environment.

Our Offered Services are:

1.       Infra-Red Thermography for:

       a.       Electrical Application

       b.      Building Applications

       c.       Mechanical Applications

       d.      External Furnace Inspections.

2.       Testing and Condition Assessment for MV & HV:

       a.       Transformers

       b.      Motors & Generators

       c.       Cable Terminations

       d.      Switchgear and GIS

 3.       All Kinds of Maintenance & Repairs of Transformers & OLTC

       a.       Transformer Oil testing, DGA etc.

       b.      Transformer Oil Filtration & Regeneration Services

       c.       Partial Discharge Testing,

       d.      Other Substation inspections and fault findings etc.

       e.      Other Services.

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